Blogging with WordPress

Remember that diary you kept as a pre-teen and teenager? You know, the one that had the little lock on it. The one that you would share with only your best friends. And never with your parents.

Well now you have so much to tell the world about your life in general, or more likely, about a particular subject matter that is of interest to you. Maybe you tried posting on your Facebook timeline but found there was no way to keep these particular posts together so you created a group or page. That was better but you found it limiting in separating out fairly static information from postings.

Well folks, the solution to those problems is a web log, abbreviated blog. In this course, which starts Sept 21st, we will use the most popular and easy to use blogging software, WordPress. Everyone will create a blog on a subject of interest to them. You can even have multiple blogs, though you will work with just one in class.

Blogs are accessed via a web browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and can be either a dedicated site (your own domain) or hosted by WordPress at no cost. We are very fond of “no cost” so that is the option we will use in class.

What you are reading right now is a blog posting. If you go back to this blog’s home page, you will see that the postings are in reverse chronological order and that are also a number of static pages that are accessed via the tabs (Home, About, … Schedule).

So think about a subject for your blog. Will it be travel, sports, photography, charitable work, politics, cooking, eating out, working out or maybe what you wrote in that little diary so many years ago. Your blog is only limited by what you want to say.


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