Help Wanted: Assistant Instructor

For the past two terms (Spring, 2015 and Fall, 2015) I have had an assistant that has helped me with the students when I am teaching the classes. My most able-bodied assistant, Fu’ad, will be back in college and then grad school so I am in the market for another assistant.

The assistant can be of any age and does not have to be an expert. They just need to stay one step ahead of the students. Another retired senior would be great but availability is the primary requirement. Hours are from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm at the Castle Shannon Library in the Spring and Fall. Just like myself, this is a volunteer position. If you are considering becoming an Oasis instructor, you can see what it’s like by volunteering for this position.

For students that are going to night school, or ones taking a break from classes, and would be available during the hours above, you can probably get class credit for

For those who are interested or who might have questions about the position, please email me at


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