Spring 2016 Schedule now available

Please see the schedule page for the list of courses and dates for the Fall 2015 quarter.

Let’s call this term “Back to Basics.” Returning are the basics we teach every term along some some other basic courses that we have not taught in a while. Even if you’ve already taken some of these courses but would like a refresh, sign up to take them again. The prices are more than reasonable so the cost of retaking a course will not put a dent in your wallet.

Have some friends that could benefit from some of these classes? Encourage them to sign up for some classes.

Our opening lineup, Intro to Computers with Windows 7, Intro to the Internet, Email using Outlook.com and Beginners Guide to the Cloud are an excellent primer and a great way for some seniors new to computers to get started. Word Online and Excel Online give you FREE online versions of the popular, but expensive, Microsoft Office programs. Learn how these work and integrate with the cloud. Also, what you learn is directly transferable to MS Office.

Not using Facebook? Heard bad things about it? Afraid to use it? Allay your fears and learn why the most popular social media program, Facebook, is such a popular program for everyone from teenagers to seniors. We’ll have you communicating with friends, posting pictures and recipes, private messaging and whiling away the hours watching those funny cat videos. Hey, we’re seniors and we’ve earned to right to unapologetically fritter away some time doing whatever we want.

If you’ve recently got a new laptop with Windows 10, you’ve upgraded an older computer to Windows 10 or you want to upgrade yous to Windows 10, check out the Windows 10 classes. New this term is a one-day upgrade class for those that haven’t upgraded yet (and time is running out for the free upgrade).

Wrapping up this term is the ever-popular iPad class. Received a new or hand-me-down iPad? Want to get more out of your iPad than you’re using it for now? Join this class to learn more. This is also a great refresher class.

Remember than any class marked BYOD mean Bring Your Own Device, be it a laptop or iPad. BYOD classes are usually taught in the large room downstairs – park in the lower lot. All other classes use the Castle Shannon Library computers and are taught upstairs – park alongside the library.

Stay safe, warm and dry this winter and I’ll see you in the spring.  🙂



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2 responses to “Spring 2016 Schedule now available

  1. Francis C. HYNDS

    The list of classes for the spring is not accessible.


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