Introduction to the Internet

This 4-day course is being taught starting Monday, March 28th (see the Schedule for all dates and times).

This basic, but fast-paced, introduction to the Internet covers the basic skills you need to:

  • Browse (surf) the Internet using Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Use the Internet safely
  • Bookmark and organize pages of interest
  • Understand Internet addresses (URLs)
  • Understand search engines and effective search queries
  • Select and use “cloud” storage
  • Use the Internet for shopping, entertainment and learning
  • Learn about social media

We are just going to touch on the basics of these topics. Many require installing software and/or signing up for online accounts, which you may not want and which is time-consuming in class. Also, there are separate courses for many of these topics.

This course will concentrate purely on using a Windows PC but the workbook has many examples for mobile devices. Because there are a variety of mobile devices and some students do not have a mobile device, the course has been shortened from 6 sessions down to 4.



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