Microsoft Word Online

Word Online runs in a browser and allows you to create documents – letters, resumes, project task lists, reports, calendars, trip planners, event flyers, meeting minutes… and more. There are numerous templates that are already created and available for your use that you can modify with your content. In this 2- or 3-day course we will learn about the various tabs and their associated ribbons. We will also review different methods of text formatting and cutting, copying and pasting blocks of text.

Learn the difference between Word Online (free), Office 365 (subscription-based) and purchasing Office. The files (Word documents) are all completely compatible and the program operation is about 90% compatible upward so if your needs change you can take your Word Online skills and apply them to Office 365 and/or the desktop installed version.

With Word Online there is nothing to buy and no software to download. By default your documents are stored in your own personal cloud drive – OneDrive, and are available to you anywhere you go where there is a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a browser. There are even free apps for tablets and phones.



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2 responses to “Microsoft Word Online

  1. Kathy Pattak

    Hi Harvey I signed up for this even though I am familiar with Word. I want to learn how to do it on my tablet and then be able to access it from my PC. However I will not be able to attend on Friday. See you on Monday. kathy


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