Fall 2016 Schedule Now Available

Please see the schedule page for the list of courses and dates for the Fall 2016 term.

This term we are introducing or reintroducing some courses. The top section of the schedule page contains the details.

Have some friends that could benefit from some of these classes? Encourage them to sign up for some classes. It’s always more fun to take a class with someone you know so drag that Luddite friend of yours out of the house to join you.

Our opening lineup, Intro to Computers with Windows 7, Windows 10, Email using Gmail, Word Online and Excel Online are an excellent primer and a great way for some seniors new to computers to get started. Word Online and Excel Online give you FREE online versions of the popular, but expensive, Microsoft Office programs. Learn how these work and integrate with the cloud. Also, what you learn is directly transferable to MS Office.

We are giving Facebook, Intro to the Internet and Beginners Guide to the Cloud a break this term but can add any of them at the end if the demand is there.

If you’ve recently got a new laptop with Windows 10 or you’ve upgraded an older computer to Windows 10, check out the Windows 10 class.

Digital Photography is back and will be taught by Mike Weis. This class will be taught on the library computers but using your camera, tablets and phones to export pictures to the computers.

Wrapping up this term is the ever-popular iPad class, but now with iPhone as well. Received a new or hand-me-down iPad/iPhone? Want to get more out of your iPad/iPhone than you’re using it for now? Join this class to learn more. This is also a great refresher class. This class will be on iOS 10 (the next version as I write this) so you can benefit even if you’re taken the class before.

Remember than any class marked BYOD mean Bring Your Own Device, be it a laptop or iPad. BYOD classes are typically taught in the large room downstairs – park in the lower lot. All other classes use the Castle Shannon Library computers and are taught upstairs – park alongside the library.



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2 responses to “Fall 2016 Schedule Now Available

  1. frankwindyday@aol.com

    Thank you for the heads up. I attempted to print your e-mail but could not. Will call Mouse Call my repair source and see if he can help. I am on line with Mike when I need help. Francis C.


    • Hi Frank. It’s not the email that you want to print, it’s what’s on the Schedule tab.

      I did have to approve your comment as all comments must be approved. This keeps someone from ranting and raving and bad-mouthing Oasis, CSL or me.


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