Introduction to Computers

This 4-day course is being taught starting Wednesday, Sept 7th (see the Schedule for all dates and times).

Are you a senior or know someone who is struggling with technology in general and computers in particular? Absolutely no prior computer experience is necessary for this course but it goes into the concepts deeply enough that even with some experience you are going to learn a lot. We start with basic computer skills (day 1), learn how to work with Windows (day 2), move on to Windows skills, including file organization (day 3), and wrap up with exploring the Internet, including Internet safety (day 3). This course is based on Windows 7. There is a separate Windows 10 update course (keep reading).

But where is E-mail? This is a separate 3-day (4 sessions with #4 optional) follow-up course starting Sept 26th. In this course you will learn the basics, and then some, of email using the free online version of Google’s Gmail.Everyone will receive an Gmail email address unless you already have one. Session 4 is a BYOD session that teaches you how to set up and access Gmail on your mobile device (phone, tablet).

But wait, you say you have a Windows 10, you don’t understand the tiles and really need help in using it. The Windows 10 update to the Intro to Computers (Windows 7) course is scheduled for starting Sept 19th. This 5-session course is a BYOD (bring your own device) class – your own laptop or Windows tablet PC running Windows 10. If your computer is not a laptop or tablet or you are getting a new computer (we always recommend a laptop – ask why), you can come anyway and sit beside someone who has a Windows 10 PC.



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2 responses to “Introduction to Computers

  1. Kathy Pattak

    Harvey What are the dates for Excel on line? Kathy


    • Oct 10, 12, 14. To guarantee it won’t be cancelled, bring a friend. Drug them and drag them there if you must but 2 registrations guarantees a class will be held.

      Remember, the schedule is on the CSL website and my blog,


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