Time for a hiatus

Typically, in early July I meet with Heather, the head librarian at Castle Shannon Library, we plan the fall schedule and I post it on this blog. Heather also advertises it in a number of places as well as sending it to an extensive mailing list. The last few terms attendance in these classes has been falling. This past Spring term was a total bust. Out of nine scheduled classes Mike and I taught only two classes; one with two students and one that started out with three. Two students is our minimum for holding the class. Of the other seven classes, either no one signed up or only one did, forcing us to cancel.

I understand that the waning attendance has not just been at Castle Shannon Library but is a nationwide trend. Oasis and at least some other teaching centers are addressing this trend by teaching one-on-one classes that have been customized in content and length to exactly what that student is interested in.

This drop  in attendance is disappointing to me as I have been teaching Oasis Connections Technology classes two terms a year for five years and I’m not sure I’m ready to teach customized classes. From the two times that I taught a one-on-one class (before the two-student minimum) I found that a single student can become very demanding in what they want. It is not something I want to deal with at this time.

So I will not say adieu to all of you. Mike and I are going to take a break and see what transpires with Oasis Connections Technology. I will stay in touch with Amy at Oasis and Mike and I may surface at Castle Shannon Library or another Pittsburgh South Hills library in a year or so.

It has been my pleasure to teach these classes and help bring seniors fully into the digital age. Please feel free to email me at instructor.harvey@gmail.com.




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2 responses to “Time for a hiatus

  1. frankwindyday@aol.com

    Thank you for the heads up. If you were to teach me on a one to one class I would not be demanding. Francis C.


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