The OASIS Institute is the national headquarters and manages staff who provide OASIS programs in the St. Louis metro area. The Institute develops national programs and provides training and support for OASIS education centers and partners. OASIS education centers are located in community sites.

Their mission is to promote successful aging through a three-fold approach: lifelong learning, healthy living and social engagement.  Founded in 1982 and based in St. Louis, the non-profit organization is now active in 43 cities across 25 states and serves more than 59,000 individuals each year.

Visit the Oasis Institute website.


OASIS Connections

Comprehensive technology training that delivers results

A study by the University of Miami shows the introductory Connections courses are effective at helping older adults develop computer skills. OASIS partners with libraries, workforce agencies and other partners to offer the program. Since 2005 enrollment has exceeded 66,000.OASIS Connections has enrolled over 80,000 adults in classes to build skills and confidence using computers, the Internet and mobile technology. We partner with public libraries, senior centers, faith-based organizations and job help centers to help them teach their participants.

Our partners are doing important work bridging the digital divide. They use Connections because the courses are written for adult learners, with step-by-step instructions with lots of illustrations. Connections courses really work, and can help you deliver training to your audience effectively.

View a complete list of courses, with descriptions.


Other Oasis Programs from The Oasis Institute

OASIS Tutoring: helping kids read better

The OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program promotes literacy with a proven approach to help high-need children in grades K-4 read at grade level. Since 1989 OASIS tutors have helped more than 350,000 children in 100+ school districts. 96 percent of teachers surveyed reported increased confidence and self-esteem in their students who were tutored by an OASIS volunteer.

CATCH Healthy Habits: creating a healthier future for kids and adults

OASIS has engaged more than 900 adult volunteers and 6100 children to share healthy snacks, join in regular moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and learn together about creating a healthier lifestyle. Through partnerships in 18 cities, OASIS has offered the evidence-based program in 150 locations. CATCH Healthy Habits is recognized as a Program of Distinction by Generations United.

Evidence-based health programs: keeping people active and independent

Programs like Active Start and Living a Healthy Life (Chronic Disease Self-Management) provide the skills, knowledge and social support that are proven to help people make lasting lifestyle changes.

Active Start, for example, combines a behavioral change support group and fitness classes to help people make physical activity part of their lifestyle. Trained peer leaders facilitate the program in community sites. Research with an ethnically diverse population of sedentary adults shows that participants significantly improve their strength, flexibility, and balance.


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