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Beginners Guide to the Cloud

Cloud drives. Cloud computing. Cloud music. Cloud backup. Just what IS the cloud anyway?

This two-session class at Castle Shannon Community Library is on Wednesday, April 13th and Friday April 15th.

The cloud refers to the use of remote services to store, manage and process data. Facebook, webmail (from any provider), cloud drives and streaming music are all examples of popular cloud computing and storage applications. Cloud computing frees you from worry about software, devices and backups. Amaze your friends and new acquaintances at the next neighborhood party with your cloud knowledge by Joining us to learn more about cloud computing. You’ll soon be known as “Dr Cloud.”   🙂


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Introduction to the Internet

This 4-day course is being taught starting Monday, March 28th (see the Schedule for all dates and times).

This basic, but fast-paced, introduction to the Internet covers the basic skills you need to:

  • Browse (surf) the Internet using Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Use the Internet safely
  • Bookmark and organize pages of interest
  • Understand Internet addresses (URLs)
  • Understand search engines and effective search queries
  • Select and use “cloud” storage
  • Use the Internet for shopping, entertainment and learning
  • Learn about social media

We are just going to touch on the basics of these topics. Many require installing software and/or signing up for online accounts, which you may not want and which is time-consuming in class. Also, there are separate courses for many of these topics.

This course will concentrate purely on using a Windows PC but the workbook has many examples for mobile devices. Because there are a variety of mobile devices and some students do not have a mobile device, the course has been shortened from 6 sessions down to 4.


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