This 5-session course starts on Monday, April 3, 2017 and uses the upstairs Windows computers. There are Facebook apps for mobile devices and Windows 10, but since Facebook runs in an Internet browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, et al) it can be used on any computer or computing device. It is extremely popular on mobile devices (phones and tablets) and there are Facebook apps available for virtually every device. Check out the app store for your device. There are even Facebook apps that come with today’s smart TVs DVD/Blu-ray players and Apple TV/Roku/Chromecast devices. And it is available on the new generation of smart watches and other wearable computers.

Facebook allows you to connect with friends and relatives in a completely different way than email or texting. Facebook uses a publishing model, but one where you control who can see your posts. Face is great for posting status updates (comments on whatever you wish to comment about), links to websites (all of those funny cat videos, retro music and gorgeous landscapes), pictures and videos. Facebook also allows you to comment on your friends’ postings, or simply to “like” them. Your profile can divulge as much or as little about yourself as you would like.

Facebook is a great way to keep up with the daily lives of your children, grandchildren and other relatives and friends that live in far away places.

Facebook also has apps, usually games, that run within Facebook. Two of the most popular are Words with Friends and Candy Crush. You might also want to check out Farmville and Mafia Wars. And it has its own messaging (texting) system, making is easy to message friends directly through Facebook.

Maybe you’re already on Facebook but only look at posts but never post anything yourself, i.e. you’re a Facebook voyeur. Step out of the shadows, come to class and become a full Facebooker, commenting on your friends’ posts and creating ones of your own.


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